Reclaim ownership of your energy consumption

#MakeYourWatts !
The SKAVENJIBOX empowers you to make and use your own energy, as simply and freely as you would grow tomatoes on your balcony.

How can you get it ?
is in development, with pre-orders open already : 

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Putting energy production within everyone’s reach

Skavenji presents you with a simple way of making small amounts of energy right at home, and reining in your overall use. In other words, this could be the first step in reducing your energy dependency.

On a budget ? No big yard or terrace ? No worries, the whole point is to empower everyone, no matter how modest the resources at hand !

Making energy any way YOU like

This is a plug-and-play system : all you have to do is install the SkavenjiBox, connect a solar panel, a homemade wind turbine, a bike powered generator -or whatever source you can think of- and you’re all set !

Are you wondering about the energy potential of that idea you had last night ? Stop thinking ! Just build it, connect it, test it… and enjoy !

Open source energy you can create, install, and share

Energy should be made by and for everyone : draw from other energy makers’ work and make sure your own creations will in turn inspire others.

Can evil big greenwashing be rolled back ? At Skavenji we think that unleashing the potential of low tech power will actually make a difference.

Do your part for the Transition

The app lets you monitor your energy production, evaluate the savings on your utility bill and the impact your efforts are making on the environment.

The SkavenjiBox is designed to be durable, repairable, reusable and keep its lifecycle resources and waste footprint down to a minimum. The rest is up to you !

Our partners

Skavenji gets support, advice and some funding by Incubateur PACA-EST